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Reliable Custom Builders On Treasure Coast

Grande Construction of Florida, headquartered in Port Saint Lucie, FL, has over 50 years of stability and professionalism while continuing to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship. With nearly 300 homes delivered and multiple commercial projects completed, Grande has earned an impeccable reputation. Dedicated to its tradition of excellence, the guiding principles of quality, integrity and credibility are woven into the very fabric of our company.

From the first meeting, we will discuss your project goals and objectives. Our complimentary consultation provides creative and thoughtful solutions unique to your custom home. You will discover our level of integrity as we suggest cost-effective approaches, safety features, ideal use of space and ways to bring additional market value to your home. You will find credibility in dealing with our staff and subcontractors – while witnessing unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship in every facet of the construction phase.

We’re proud to have over 50 years of combined professional experience within custom residential and commercial segments in Saint Lucie and Martin counties. Our team holds the highest levels of uncompromising ethics and values. Our clients are a trusted source who not only solidify superior results, but continue to refer friends and family; which is the highest form of respect.


For over 50 years, Grande Construction of Florida has created a strong and dependable history of sound business practices in the community while building over 1,000 homes in South Florida. Our architectural, structural, interior design, and construction experts have hundreds of years of combined experience to provide our clients with incredible work. Our team delivers lasting value through knowledge-guided performance. When building that home of your dreams, experience matters!

The complete price

Our approach to business is not to be the least-cost provider. We prefer to be the greatest value provider. We believe that value is not in the initial price but in the total price combined with quality, service, and satisfaction.

Grande Construction of Florida believes a fair price must be a complete price. It is our intention to provide you with a price that covers the entire scope of the envisioned work. We know that surprise changes after the initial agreement can sour a relationship and can create hardships for you. We want change orders to be only the result of you changing your mind or adding more work as a result of your growing confidence in us. Our experience shows us that our clients understand the value of our complete price.

Communication and chemistry

Another important factor in the custom home building process is the ability for you to effectively and efficiently communicate with your contractor. You and the contractor need to be on the same page and there is no better time to determine this than at the initial consultation meeting.

The process is as much about communication as it is about the “bricks and sticks.” It is of utmost importance that your goals, ideas, and objectives for the custom home project be effectively communicated to the contractor in order to achieve a successful end result.

The proposal

Conventional wisdom is to obtain at least three estimates for any custom home that you are considering. However, in some cases, that may not be necessary. For example, when the contractor comes recommended to you by a trusted source, you have met with that contractor, and the chemistry is a match, then trust your instincts, and work forward with that contractor.

Price should never be the sole deciding factor. Many times, the lowest price is not the total and complete price. The total and complete price, offered by the most experienced contractor will ultimately provide you with the lowest total cost, with the least amount of unknown change order expenses, and the least amount of warranty work once the project is completed.

There are various factors that go into pricing a custom home, so be sure that every estimate you receive has the same exact scope of work. If the estimates are vague and the information is hard to interpret, don’t be afraid to ask the contractor for clarification in writing. If you are unable to obtain clarification, or the contractor is unwilling to provide adequate written clarification to your questions, it may be wise to eliminate that contractor from the list.

Personal attention

Grande Construction of Florida is committed to providing dedicated, consistent, and comprehensive personal service and attention to each aspect of the building process. We’ll take care of you from the initial consultation through the warranty period post-construction.

As a family-owned and operated business, we have been diligent in creating a company with high integrity and a regard for customer satisfaction. All the while, we strive to demonstrate the utmost respect for our customers, their homes, and our product.

Our undivided interest in our clients’ projects, personal attention to detail, and passion for the business is yet another example of what sets us apart from many others in our industry. You have to be passionate about what you do in order to be the very best. We are passionate about what we do!


Throughout the entire process, communication is vital for a successful result. One of the most important factors in the experience of the building process is the ability for you to effectively and efficiently communicate with us.

You will have a construction coordinator and project superintendent assigned as your primary point of contacts throughout the process. This ensures a smooth and open line of communication for you to be in touch with all aspects of your project.


The safety of your family and our workers is of utmost importance to us during the construction phase of your project. Our workers are respectful of your family and property. We are dedicated to superior quality performance and safe practices. Our trained staff adheres to the strictest of safety protocols to ensure that your project is performed in the safest and most secure manner possible.

Creative thinking and innovative design

As a custom home builder, Grande Construction of Florida is known for creativity in design and innovation in construction techniques. Each home and each homeowner is unique from the next, so we approach your project individually. We do not favor or promote any single architectural style but we do follow basic design principles. The design/building concept of custom home building takes the stress and guesswork out of the project and delivers outstanding results.

Licensed and insured to minimize risk

We are general contractors licensed by the state of Florida. We carry general liability, workman’s compensation, and auto and umbrella insurance policies that exceed minimum requirements for our industry.

We only employ licensed and fully insured subcontractors. Many contractors are not eligible for insurance themselves due to poor claims history, or weak financial statements, and very few require that their subcontractors carry proper insurance. Our business is one of the few that will take that extra step for you.

Grande Construction of Florida in Port St. Lucie, FL, is a drug-free workplace, which is just another step that we take to ensure the least amount of risk to our clients during the home building process. The State of Florida, Treasure Coast, and each individual municipality requires contractors to be licensed and registered. We can supply copies of all current documents when requested.

Budgeting, estimating and pricing

Budgeting, estimating, and pricing every step in our budgeting process help our customers move through the design and build process with as much control and understanding as possible. Surprise costs are rarely appreciated, so we do everything we can to avoid them.

Setting a budget

Grande Construction of Florida’s first step in developing a budget is meeting with you to have an in-depth conversation about the scope of work, the specific needs you wish to incorporate, and what budget you may have already established. We involve our construction experts, a team member, and one of our estimators to assist in developing budget information. This collaborative approach allows us to get a tighter handle on the unique issues that we need to take into consideration for your project.

Setting the estimates and price

Once a conceptual architectural drawing is developed, we put together a fixed construction price and a detailed scope of work. During our presentation, you will be thoroughly informed as to what is included and what is not included. This is also the time for us to discuss any unknowns that could come up during the project so that you can have all the facts before making your decision.

What you get with Grande Construction of Florida

The construction industry has witnessed many changes over the past few years. Change brings even more change in construction technique, technology, building code and laws, insurance regulation, alternative and sustainable materials, energy conservation, storm protection, indoor air quality, moisture, humidity and water intrusion, new lead paint laws and aging-in-place. And the list goes on! As professional contractors, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of construction. We continuously update our education and certifications, our training and safety procedures, and our quality control. Our goal is not to be good enough. Our goal is to continue being the best.

Here is just a sampling of the professionalism, knowledge, experience, passion, and dedication you’ll get with us:

Market segment expertise

Grande Construction of Florida delivers award-winning projects, buildings, and custom residences for a diverse clientele throughout Southeast Florida. We are comprised of three building divisions— commercial, healthcare, and residential construction. Our project managers and field supervision team members are highly skilled and possess individual expertise in their respective roles. Our team-oriented approach with architects, engineers, designers, and suppliers is appreciated and recognized throughout the construction industry.

Our mission

The success of Grande Construction of Florida in Port St. Lucie, FL, is largely due to our integrity-driven focus to maintain highly competent personnel within our team. Successful companies are driven by successful leadership and are supported by like-minded individuals working towards the same goal. We are committed to delivering the unique construction requirements amongst our various divisions. We work hard to earn and maintain the reputation of honesty and integrity while delivering cost-efficient and on-schedule projects.

New Homes from the 200’s * Build Your Dream Home in 6 Months * Closing Costs Paid* (*Up to 10,000) When Using Grande Mortgages

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