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New Construction Services on the Treasure Coast

Are you looking to get a brand-new building constructed? Maybe you want to build the custom home of your dreams or perhaps you want to build a new office building for your business. Whatever new construction you want to build, you need to hire a company with a proven track record for producing fantastic designs and exceptional work. Grande Construction of Florida has a tried and tested reputation in Port St. Lucie, FL, for achieving quality results every time. Thanks to our CAD drafting design technology, we can create a fully detailed 3D representation of your new construction. Once you are happy with the design, we will get to work on creating the perfect, structurally sound replica.

An optimized process

Here at Grande Construction of Florida, we are committed to delivering your new construction with as few complications as possible. We also want to ensure that there are no delays and that it does not run over budget. We will skillfully address any problems that might arise during your construction in order to achieve these goals. We believe that the best way to solve a problem with regards to construction is to anticipate it before it happens. This is why we do an extensive evaluation of your project before we even begin laying the foundations. By identifying any potential issues with your project early on, we can ensure that your project is not hindered in any way once we begin.

Green building design

We at Grande Construction of Florida are specialists in designing green, energy-efficient buildings. Not only does this help the environment, but it also benefits your bank balance. An energy-efficient building will require significantly less energy to heat and cool, resulting in lower energy costs throughout the year. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to design and will factor in every aspect of your new construction to ensure the entire building works in harmony for a functional and efficient space.

Smart features

The future is now! We can install a variety of smart features in your new building that will greatly improve the functionality of your space. For example, we can install humidity and temperature sensors that will signal for your home’s utilities to react accordingly. There are a wide variety of smart features and automated systems available for your new building.

If you are interested in smart features and automated systems, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are more than happy to guide you through the various options available. Whatever your construction needs are, you can trust us here at Grande Construction of Florida to oversee a project that goes off without a hitch. Give us a call today if you are interested in constructing a new building with us or if you have any questions to ask us about our services.

Get started on your new construction project now. (772) 336-7240