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Custom Home Builder in Port St. Lucie, FL

For more than half a century, Grande Construction has been a custom home builder in Port St. Lucie. We live by our guiding principles of credibility, quality, and integrity. Our team of experts has hundreds of years of combined experience designing, engineering, and building houses, so you can feel secure that the home we build for you will satisfy your every desire, from being structurally sound to looking beautiful. Building a home from the ground up may seem like a huge undertaking. We are here with you every step of the way to make it as easy and exciting as it should be.

How we work

When you decide you’re interested in a Grande Construction home, we set an initial consultation for you with one of our contractors. During this meeting, you will discuss your goals and needs for your new home, along with the budget you have in mind for the project. Once we have all of this information, we will consult with our team members who will be involved in the design and build of your home. They will help our estimator determine if your budget and the scope of work are compatible.

After this first step, we draft an architectural drawing of your home and calculate a fixed construction price. We will talk about what is included and not part of the price so that we are all on the same page and you will be able to secure any necessary financing. Throughout your build, your construction coordinator and project superintendent will be available to answer any of your questions and to report to you on the progress of your home. Our relationship with you doesn’t end after your house is completed. We will take care of you through the post-construction warranty period.

The building process

Perhaps the most fun part of building your own home is watching it come to life. Even the groundbreaking is often highly anticipated. The foundation pouring comes next, and now you can see the house’s footprint and visualize it on your lot. As the exterior walls and the interior studs go up, your home really starts to take shape. You can walk inside and imagine yourself and your family living in the space. Feel free to ask your construction coordinator or project superintendent questions about the layout or the process as it is coming along. Our team wants to keep you happy with the progress and, if you have any changes to make, it’s better to tackle them earlier than later.

Once the drywall has been installed, the interior finishes, from flooring to paint to ceiling details, can come into play. Outside, subcontractors take care of the exterior paint, landscaping, and, if it’s part of your scope, the pool and screen. Upon completion, you will inspect our team’s work and we will make note of any last-minute touchups or changes that may need to be made. Once these are done, you can move in and start making your new house your home.

Call (772) 208-9843 to get started on your new home!